The best way to watch videos online, now on iPad. | Radbox helps you quickly add videos to watch later.


Entertainment, meet Productivity.

(Social, could you please wait outside?)

It takes a single click (or tap, if you wish) of the bookmarklet to add a video to Radbox, and a single tap on the iPad app to launch an unlimited playback of all videos in a queue. Radbox is designed to be the shortest path from discovering an online video to viewing it later on a different device. The Radbox experience draws from things we love in traditional television and radio experiences, as well as great modern apps like Instapaper, Read it Later, Feedly and Flipboard.

Radbox is not a social video discovery app. It is very personal, and comes into picture after you’ve discovered something interesting already. However, it does offer automagical imports from Facebook and Twitter as a tool for convenience, to make sure you’re never without some videos to watch.

Radbox offers various tools and integrations to interact with the service, some of which are based on our API. We hope to improve this list over time. Radbox for iPad is available in the App Store, with other apps coming soon. Give it a shot!

The Rad Team

Aditya “Adi” Sahay – Co-Founder

Adi is a graduate of IIT Roorkee, India. He caused a lot of pain to his management at Oracle India, before deciding to move back home in the middle of a recession, leaving his folks to clarify to all friends and relatives that he wanted to start his own company, and no, he had not been laid off. Apart from technology and startups, his interests lie in photography, travel and classic rock. He can be stalked on his blog or Twitter.

Tarun Arora – Co-Founder

Tarun is a graduate of NITK Surathkal, India. He worked with Adi in the same team at Oracle, and the management absolutely loved him, till he quit as well and came on board. While Adi pretends to strategize, Tarun gets stuff done. He’s a big sports buff, which makes it hard to share a television with him. He has successfully given up Facebook, but still blogs and tweets occasionally.

The Morpheus

The Morpheus - a leading startup mentoring and investment firm in India, is an investor and advisor to Radbox. The team is based in New Delhi, India, where it is bootstrapping out of Adi’s home-office.

Bugs or Hugs? Get in touch

It is best to reach us by email or on Twitter. You can keep up with our developments on the official blog, or our official Facebook and Twitter accounts.