The best way to watch videos online, now on iPad. | Radbox helps you quickly add videos to watch later.


About Radbox

Radbox is a simple app for creating a queue of videos from multiple sources, and watching them later. You can learn more about us by taking the app for a spin, and reading about the founding team.

What to expect

What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. (Nietzsche)

The following applies to all permanent roles:

  • Great technologies (Python, web services, APIs, mobile platforms...)
  • Lots of flexibility (Work any 5 days if you don't like Mondays)
  • Good compensation (Salary, equity, food)
  • Complete ownership (if my code goes down, its your fault)
  • Great team and boss (not very modest though)
  • Watching funny videos qualifies as work!

Please remember we're a bootstrapping startup, so don't expect bean bags, huge cinematic display panels, free spa treatments and the like.

Current openings

App Engineers

Radbox needs interns and full time developers to work on its web and mobile apps. We are looking for:

  • Geeks (which means excellent programmers),
  • Proficiency in Python or equivalent,
  • Prior web and/or mobile app development experience,
  • Immediate availability,
  • Quick learner, independent worker (and all that jazz)

We want generalists who can pick up any stack and build on top of it in a short time.

P.S. Remote workers, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

How to apply

Email us at work@radbox.me with the position you are interested in, and why you think we could be a great fit for each other. Include all profiles (social networking, blogs, github, hacker news etc.) that can help us evaluate you.

Please don't send LinkedIn or Facebook invites (and similar junk) to this email. Spam is not cool.